Using AI/ML, you gain visibility and production control across your Fresh operations, reducing costs and waste related to prepared fresh foods 

With a single solution centralizing production planning for both your in-store and commissary operations, Invafresh provides you with demand driven replenishment capabilities based on your real-time in-store inventory requirements. This ensures you can deliver a fresher experience for your customers, maximizing store revenue and minimizing food waste.

  • Run multi-production cycles per day to make sure you have the freshest available stock
  • Create auto-generated pick lists that can be used by multiple employees simultaneously for products made in-store or at a commissary
  • Easily scale production to achieve economies of scale while maintaining quality control and traceability over production
  • Better manage labor resources in your commissary operation 
  • Manage margin costs through recipe costing and control over defined production processes

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Learn how Invafresh can deliver you visibility & control across your Fresh operations through centralized production planning. Learn how Invafresh can help you ensure the freshest experience for your customers. 

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Why Invafresh? 

 30% Food Waste Reduction 
 50% Reduction in Replenishment Time 
 100% Fresher Product 

 25,000+ Stores on the Freshology Platform 
 $100M Fresh Revenue Transacted Daily 

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"Invafresh has helped Price Chopper to produce the correct amounts of product to meet our customer demand while reducing our exposure to excess shrink. We are working on enhancements with Invafresh that will further our effort in exceeding our customer's expectations for delivering fresh products while limiting the spoilage that ends up in the landfill."
Patrick Iannotti, Director of Retail Operations, Price Chopper