The Greener Path to Sustainability & Waste Reduction for Grocery Retailers

Food retailers generate a whopping 10.5 million tons of food waste, sending almost one-third of wasted food to landfills. Fortunately, with the right fresh-centric technology, there are tremendous opportunities to reduce fresh food shrink to improve profits in grocery. 

Invafresh Eliminates $150M of Food Waste Annually in Grocery 

The Invafresh Fresh Retail Platform (FRP) is powered by an industry leading intelligent demand forecasting engine that helps grocers proactively forecast and identify anomalies, inefficiencies, and resource waste in operations and supply. It captures real-time, systematic known data to track and monitor specific areas of high shrink across all fresh departments' unwanted food waste and drive sustainability. 

Want to be Best in Fresh? 

Learn more on how Fresh Retail Platform helps grocers rise to to the challenges their fresh departments face and contributes to improved sustainability for grocers and consumers alike in an exclusive interview our own Russ Newall, Vice President, Customer Success provided to Progressive Grocer. Download Now!

Why Invafresh? 

 30% Food Waste Reduction 
 5% Fresh Sales Growth
 3% Labor Efficiency 
 100% Fresher Product 
 25,000+ Stores on the Freshology Platform 
 $100M Fresh Revenue Transacted Daily 

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"Invafresh has helped Price Chopper to produce the correct amounts of product to meet our customer demand while reducing our exposure to excess shrink."
Patrick Iannotti, Director of Retail Operations, Price Chopper