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Revolutionize Retail with Computer-Generated Ordering

Embrace a sustainable, high-tech approach to retail success by downloading our guide on computer-generated ordering to explore how sustainability and technology are reshaping the retail landscape.

Uncover Metrics That Matter: Learn how essential data can supercharge your operations.

Download Your Guide

Ignite Your Competitive Edge: Discover how Computer-Generated Ordering propels you ahead in the race to:

  • Cut Replenishment Time by 50%

  • Save 6% in Inventory Storage Costs

  • Reduce Shrink by 24%

  • Reduce labor hours by 25% 

Fresh Retail Platform

Fresh is King

You'll Discover:

The power of computer-generated ordering for accurate forecasting, responsive replenishment, and flexible planning: 

  • AI-Powered Forecast Engines: The Future of Production Coordination.

  • From Demand to Ingredients: Revolutionizing Inventory Management.

  • Minimize Touchpoints, Maximize Efficiency: Stay In-Stock, Reduce Waste. 

  • Sustainability Matters: Reduce Waste Across Fresh Food Categories. 

The Invafresh Difference

Discover how we're different: our Computer-Generated Ordering handles backroom inventories for all fresh food categories, regardless of sourcing or sales method.

food waste reduction

Food waste

annual benefits

Realized annual

less time spent checking dates

Less time
checking dates

out of stock tracking alerting

Less backroom


More revenue from markdowns

increase on sales

Fresh sales

Ready to take the leap?

Download our guide and start your journey towards a future of retail success.