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Ace Your Retail Operations with Fresh-Optimized Demand Forecasting and Responsive Replenishment

Trade in outdated ordering processes for simplified, sustainable, and measurable operational efficiency.  Find out how our Fresh Ordering solution can work for you.

Your Guide to Flexible Planning

Benefits to Invafresh Ordering Software

  • 50% reduction in replenishment time 

  • 6% reduction in inventory storage costs 

  • 24% reduction in shrink 

  • Reduce in-store labor hours 

  • Ensure maximum freshness 

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Fresh is King

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What’s Included

With Invafresh, retailers can achieve accurate forecasting, responsive replenishment, and flexible planning, which provides greater visibility across all levels of your business. This guide includes all the information you need to know about how our Ordering solution can optimize your operations. This includes:

  • How to leverage AI-powered forecast engines to co-ordinate production cycles

  • How to translate estimated demand for end products into estimated demand for ingredients 

  • How to minimize inventory touches while maintaining a consistent in-stock position 

  • How to reduce waste for all your fresh food categories 

The Invafresh Difference

Uncover hidden labor, cost-savings, and reduce waste with the only fresh ordering system capable to handle the unique ability to replenish backroom inventories for all your fresh food categories regardless of how items are sourced, used in fresh production, or sold directly. 




Fresh revenue
transacted daily


shelf life

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Reduction in
backroom inventory 


Fresh sales

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Realized annual