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Waste prevention solutions for your stores 

Australian retailers are empowered with cutting-edge tools for taking control of expiration dates, ensuring compliance and improved customer satisfaction.

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Used daily by thousands of retailers worldwide

Whywaste is now Invafresh

In October 2023, Whywaste joined the Invafresh family, enhancing our commitment to sustainability in the grocery sector. Through our trusted partnership with OZESL, we are now better equipped to help Australian retailers innovate and streamline their operations for enhanced sustainability and efficiency.

Retail Management Group trust Invafresh

RMG became the first group in Australia to use the Invafresh Expiry Management solution in 2023. Embedded within the group’s estate in Victoria & NSW we are proud about our continued development together.

" We're thrilled about our collaboration with Invafresh, a leader in waste reduction. As the first in Australia to adopt Invafresh's software, we underscore our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards a more sustainable future.
- Nick Cook 
CEO Retail Management Group

Minutes saved daily on date checking per store

Slowmoving lines identified and removed

Compliance to date checking

Expiry Management

Check Dates 4x Faster

Manage and monitor expiry dates easily with Expiry Management. The app keeps track of your expiration dates and prompts you when you need to check a product, and only then. Be confident that no expired items get left on the shelves.

Expiry Management
Labor efficiency
Labour efficiency

Streamline your operations by targeting items close to expiration, cutting date checking efforts by 50-80%.
Full control of process
Full control of process

Flag every product near expiry through intelligent algorithms and real-time updates, ensuring no item is missed.

Reduce food waste
Reduce food waste

Notifications and alerts ensure products are handled promptly, reducing food waste and maximising the shelf life of your inventory.

How much food waste can your stores save?

Uncover the hidden potential across your store operations by tackling the pressing issue of food waste head-on. Calculate how much food waste your stores can save and build the business case to reduce waste and increase revenue across your operation. 

Expiry Management

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OZESL are Invafresh’s trusted partner in Australia. If you are interested in using the software or have questions please reach out to Louis or David.


Louis George
+61 425 467 774

David Baldwin
+61 460 699 092